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Why choose Frutti?

Reasons to choose Frutti


Quality Matters!

Frutti's promise to customers is to always stay true to the highest quality. This is one of the factors that always distinguishes Frutti from the competition.

Rich nutritional value

Frutti's juices consist of the water of the Sharr mountains, this in combination with the fruits cultivated with the highest care means that every Frutti product is rich in healthy minerals and vitamins.

Modern Technology

Frutti possesses modern working technology, and always aims to have the most up-to-date technology. This factor helps to continuously increase the quality, efficiency of work and the number of employees.

Affordable prices

Frutti always aims for product prices to be as affordable as possible, to offer as many people as possible healthy juices of high quality.

Environmental care

To better protect our environment, we at Frutti are committed to improving our processes in the supply chain, saving on unnecessary routes, transport space and weight.

Contribution to society

Frutti is committed to contributing maximally to the increase of jobs, improvement of working conditions and greater economic development in every country it operates.
What products does Frutti have?

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We are proud of

Frutti Awards

In addition to the love and dedication that Frutti cherishes everyday from its employees, Frutti has also been honoured with numerous awards from the national institutions of Kosovo as well as from international institutions, out of which it is worth highlighting some of the prizes for this enterprise’s drawer:

London Crown Award 2014 and 2017*   Best Buy Award 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019   *  Super Brand 2017/18 , 2018/19   *   The Best of Kosovo Export 2019 OEK   *          StuBrand 2018/19

London Quality Crown Award 2014
London Quality Crown Award 2017
BestBuy 2015
BestBuy 2016
BestBuy 2018
BestBuy 2019
Superbrands Kosovo 2017:18
Superbrands Kosovo 2018:19
StuBrand 2018:19
What's happening in Frutti?

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20 years of Frutti!

The Frutti company was founded in November 1999 by the visionary Besim Malsori, and today Frutti marks its 20th anniversary, possessing 6 modern technology production lines and a daily production capacity of up to 240,000 liters of finished product.

This journey has not been easy or short at all - on the contrary, it has been a long and difficult journey, but one that has been facilitated by the co-workers, the wonderful staff of the company and the customers themselves. Sot Frutti is complete with all international quality standards, where it has ISO, HACCP, PASS 99, ISO 90001:2015, ISO 140001:2015, etc. Due to the high quality, for years the Frutti company has received various awards from local and international institutions.

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