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The story of Frutti

You can be sure that a product is of the highest quality once you see the "Frutti" logo on it. The knowledge and unwavering commitment of our staff members and suppliers ensure this.

The Frutti juice company was founded in the year 2000 in Prizren, located in the village of Reçan on the outskirts of the city, 5 kilometers from the city center. In the beginning, the focus was on the production and sale of natural juices, which was made possible thanks to the rich resources of the Sharr Mountains.

The company gradually grew in size and today is one of the largest producers of fruit juices in Kosova. Frutti produces a variety of products, including: Natural juice in containers 1 liter - 10 types, 0.33 liters - 4 types, as well as products packaged in glass.


The assembly of the equipment began in November 2000 and was completed at the beginning of April 2001. After the assembly of the most contemporary technological equipment for the production of natural juices from the world-renowned company - Combibloc,  the professional staff of the company enabled you to successfully start the production of liquids with a capacity of 7000 liters per hour.

Frutti's growth continued over the years, in November 2002 Frutti was equipped with the Tetrapak machine for the production of natural juices in 0.250 liter packaging. In August 2003, the company receives the second Tetrapak device, also in 0.250 liter packaging with a capacity of 3,000 liters per hour.

In July 2004, Frutti has in possession the Sympak equipment for glass packaging 0.175 liter, 0.250 liter, 0.750 liter for the production of natural juices with a capacity of 12,000 pieces per hour. In May of 2005, the assembly of the Combiblok machine for the production of liquids in 0.2 liter, 0.25 liter and 0.33 liter packaging takes place. In this format, Frutti becomes the only producer in Kosovo with a capacity of 2,000 liters.

Frutti's Journey

Moreover, due to its successes in the market, Frutti has been announced the most successful company in Kosovo for 2004 by the Government of Kosovo, respectively from MTI - Ministry of Transport and Industry!

Frutti's continued business success and new development-investments are proof of the company's strong commitment to quality and its products. Frutti continues to be a major player in the local economy for years, the dedication of all Frutti employees is essential to the company's continued success. This directly helps in increasing jobs, and in greater economic development.

In addition to the golden resources of the Sharr mountains, and the high quality of the fruits, Frutti possesses modern work technology, which helps to continuously increase the quality and number of employees. The future plan of the company Frutti, based in Kosovo, is ambitious and claims to create a much higher level of dominance and image in the markets of Albania and Macedonia, where Frutti has already penetrated.

Frutti's professional team

Frutti is led by a team of highly qualified managers who have proven their ability to successfully run a business in a short period of time. Their successes have been marked in terms of the establishment of the enterprise, its growth, and the constant improvement of financial performance. Frutti Company has had a number of successes in its history since its establishment, including the announcement of the best manager in Kosova..

Customers and Partners

P. Aliaga
@dybaga.ju - 07 Sep, 2022

@frutti-ks - It's a great place to work filled with passionate and honorable people. Much more than I expected.

Shukrije Kada
@Shuki.kk - 24 Dec, 2021

3 words: Delicious, affordable, nostalgic!

I love Frutti ❤️

Feride Shkalla
@Feti.shk - 11 Apr, 2022

Frutti është lëngu numër 1 në Kosovë. Keni produkt të jashtëzakonshëm. Faleminderit Frutti!

Blerim Bala
@BekiiB - 11 Apr, 2022

It's exactly what I've been looking for.

I like the fruit more and more each time I drink it.

Frutti's Awards

In addition to the love and dedication that Frutti cherishes everyday from its employees, Frutti has also been honoured with numerous awards from the national institutions of Kosovo as well as from international institutions, out of which it is worth highlighting some of the prizes for this enterprise’s drawer:

Londron Crown Award 2014 dhe 2017   *   Best Buy Award 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019   *   Super Brand 2017/18 , 2018/19   *   The Best of Kosovo Export 2019 OEK   *   StuBrand 2018/19

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