Taste curated with love in the Sharr mountains

Frutti's juices consist of the water of the sawed mountains, this in combination with the fruits cultivated with the highest care means that every Frutti product is rich in healthy minerals and vitamins.

Healthy juices for everyone's taste

Frutti's promise to customers is to always stay true to the highest quality. This is one of the factors that always distinguishes Frutti from the competition.

Quality is the basis of our work and products

Frutti possesses modern working technology, and always aims to have the most up-to-date technology. This factor helps to continuously increase the quality, efficiency of work and the number of employees.

work filled with love

In addition to the love and dedication that Frutti cherishes everyday from its employees, Frutti has also been honoured with numerous awards from the national institutions of Kosovo as well as from international institutions 

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Everyone deserves to be happy with Frutti

Frutti always aims for product prices to be as affordable as possible, to offer as many people as possible healthy juices of high quality.